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All In The Family

Mark Maniord's Son Kevin Maniord, graduate of CHP Academy. Assigned to West L.A.

Phil Williams Son Brent Williams, graduate of LAPD.

E. David Flores Daughter Elizabeth Flores, graduate LASO Explorer Program.

Jerry Thompson Daughter, Rosie is a graduate of LAPD and celebrates her 32 birthday on the opening of the Olimpics on 08/08/2008.

Mary Matson Son in Law Promoted to Captain Tehema Co Sheriff. And Daughter is a Sgt. with LAPD.

Bob Tauberís Son Jim Tauber, is with Sac County Sheriff.

Bill Hedges Son Chris graduated from FLETC. Assigned to the Las Vegas Office of ICE as a Special Agent. He's a third generation LEO

Dennis and Janice Williams son, Kelly Williams brother, Kyle enlisted in the Army and graduated from Airborne School. He is assigned to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, N.C.



Retired Officer Dennis Larson ID# 2280/14105 took First Place in Handbuilt Sports Car in the Auto Show at Cal Expo - February 2009.

Esque Frost Suprise B-Day

Updated December 15, 2013